Quebec City

Spent a few days in Quebec City, my first visit. Very touristy in spots, and ramped up due to the Christmas holiday, but the buildings are beautiful and very old, older than many in North America. The Frontenac stands at the helm, magestic and impressive from every angle. Drank vin chaud and delicious hot chocolate with local whisky made from maple syrup. These helped keep us warm. Delicious food of course, especially at a little cafe called Cafe Malo.

The city is full of history, and there are plaques mounted everywhere noting an historical event. I inisited on reading whatever we came across, which verged, I realized, on being slightly annoying.

Visted the Musée national des beaux-arts de Quebec and discovered a painter I had never heard of, Fernand Leduc, whose work I liked. Minimal and focused on the interaction of colour, reminded me of Hans Hofmann, Josef Albers, Ad Reinhardt.